Does the saddle you back your young horse with matter?

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Saddle fit matters

The day is finally here! The day you’ve been waiting for! You’ve been patient, and you’ve done it right. You’ve done the ground training, ground driving, ground manners training, ground everything, and it’s time. You’re ready to back your young horse!

You know that your horse is changing, sometimes daily as he builds muscle, and grows, and grows, and, you guessed it, GROWS! Yesterday your young horse was butt high, today she’s uphill! Because your horse is changing so rapidly and drastically, sure, you may be tempted to use an old beater saddle to back your horse. Saddles are expensive, so why spend that kind of money on a dramatically changing horse when they’re just going to grow again in 15 seconds anyhow? Right?

STOP. This is just wrong, and you might just end up with a horse with psychological and behavioral issues for the rest of its life. If you just throw any old saddle on a young, sensitive, unbacked horse, and it doesn’t fit the horse, you’re going to cause that horse pain.

Maybe the saddle is pinching her in the shoulder, or pressing down on his withers. Now your young, ready to be backed horse associates you on him with pain. Pain that comes from a saddle that doesn’t fit, and your weight on him, because you didn’t make sure the first saddle you put on your young horse fit her well. In your horse’s mind, you now equal pain.

It’s not your fault. Of course you didn’t mean to hurt your horse. I don’t think anyone who truly cares for and loves horses wants to cause them pain, but the sad reality is, when you put your weight in a saddle that doesn’t fit your horse, whether you’re, shall we say ‘petite’ or not, you are hurting your horse.

Too many good horses are sold because people just don’t understand that their saddle is causing their horses’ problems. They think they’re dealing with behavior issues, or training issues, and perhaps they are. But these same owners never delve down and find the root of the problems. To truly understand why is this horse behaving badly, or having problems in training. Providing they’ve ruled out underlying medical issues, they blame the horse, or themselves, and give up, and it’s a bad scenario for everyone involved. Lives are literally ruined, and confidence destroyed, but I’m here to tell you that there’s hope! There is an answer!

Pegasus Saddles offer the patented Pegasus Butterfly adjustable tree. This is the perfect system for the owners of young, growing horses! Imagine having one saddle that will realistically ‘grow’ with your horse! Adjustable from narrow to extra wide, Pegasus saddles are the answer to your ‘growing’ problem!

The Pegasus® Butterfly saddle is a truly revolutionary saddle tree design.

The patented Pegasus Butterfly Tree Design

All Pegasus® Butterfly saddles use this system which allows one saddle to fit almost any horse, or multiple horses with only a few moments of tightening the girth.  

Butterfly® saddles use a reinforcing bar at the front which does not exert pressure on the withers.  The flexibility of the saddle trees’ system makes it possible for one saddle to fit almost every kind of horse. Differences in shape get compensated by the flexibility of this amazing breakthrough technology.
Flocking adjustments are a thing of the past with the Pegasus Saddle! The system offers comfortable freedom for shoulder and withers, and prevents painful pressure points at the thoracic trapezius (that’s the shoulder). The rider enjoys a “Close-Contact-Seat“. The system of saddle tree increases forward movement and cadence.
All metal parts are made of high quality steel. The curved stirrup bars are maintenance free. The Butterfly® – technology is patented by dt saddlery GmbH design & technik.  The billets are made of tear proof LEMICO®.

Contact MJ Stewart for more information about the right Pegasus saddle for you and your horse today!  

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