Do you or your horse suffer from soreness in the back, stiffness, arthritic conditions, ligament, tendon, muscle or bone injury, decreased range of motion or poor circulation? Have you tried PEMF?

What is PEMF?

PEMF therapy is a method of utilizing a magnetic field, somewhat like static magnets, which have been used for centuries. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine describes treating acupuncture points with lodestone, which emits a naturally occurring magnetic field, to relieve painful conditions.

The Vedas, or ancient Hindu scriptures, also mention the treatment of diseases with lodestones. The word “lodestone” or leading stone, came from the use of these stones as compasses. The word “magnet” probably stems from the Greek Magnes lithos, or “stone from Magnesia,” a region of Greece rich in magnetic stones. The Greek phrase later became magneta in Latin.

In the middle ages, magnets were very popular as they were thought to be a cure for almost any malady. Fast forward to the 20th century, when magnetic bracelets, beds, rings, belts, blankets, etc., have been sold to treat all manner of problems, from athlete’s foot to insomnia. Almost everyone has heard of using magnets therapeutically.

PEMF devices are a bit more complicated than just placing a magnet on the tissue. PEMF systems are composed of coils of copper wire, through which a current of electrical energy is delivered. The
current is turned on and off a number of times per second, surging through the coil. The magnetic field expands around the coil, and then collapses, expands and collapses again with the pulse of current.

One of the benefits of PEMF versus static magnets is that the fields are typically much larger, so you do not have to place the PEMF coil precisely on the area needing therapy. Given the correct amount of current and the optimum number of coil windings, some coils can emit a measurable magnetic field up to 18 inches from the surface of the coil. This makes it easy to use on equine patients, by strategically placing the coils in known problem areas like joints and major muscle groups. In addition, PEMF patches and beds are now widely used in small animal rehabilitation centers to assist in therapy for degenerative conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia.

• PEMF is non-invasive, the device does not even need to touch your or your horse’s body.

• PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) is widely
used on humans and also in conditioning performance and race horses around the world.

• PEMF regenerates damaged and diseased tissue, repairs torn tendons and fractured bones.

• PEMF enhances the synthesis of protein in the cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all the protein

• PEMF improves circulation, not by increasing heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. This also reduces edema.

• PEMF increases the cellular level of oxygen absorption. Studies have shown that oxygen partial pressure can be increased by 200%. This reduces pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen. Also, insufficient oxygen in the cells causes lactic acid buildup under strenuous exercise.

• High power PEMF is particularly effective in getting to deep muscle soreness (backs and joints, etc.) because of its deep penetration.

• Published, scientific studies abound for pulsed magnetic field therapy. PEMF technology has been FDA registered and widely used in the treatment of human delayed bone fractures for over a decade, and there is a growing body of literature concerning the biological and clinical effects of this energy.

A recent study using pulsed magnetic fields reminds us that in clinical studies done over 20 years, millions of patients have been treated safely with PEMF. Now you too can benefit from this wellness modality for YOURSELF and your horses, dogs and other animals too!

HIGH POWER PEMF Device Rental Fees:

*Treatment is FREE. Total PEMF does not charge for ‘treatments’ but rather, rents out equipment time at your location, and provides an authorized technician to operate the device.
**New Clients required to purchase a minimum of 5 Introductory rental sessions.
***Prepaid sessions valid for 60 days after purchase.

1 twenty minute session$75.00
5 twenty minute sessions $362.50
New Client Special Deal!
5 twenty minute sessions (new clients only, please)
10 twenty minute sessions $700.00
20 twenty minute sessions $1,350.00
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Equipment Rental Fees include a trained technician
Please add $1/mile from Carnation WA to your location round trip


There are no refunds on Pre-paid rental packages.
Unused rental sessions will be added onto your next rental package purchase. All new and unused rental sessions must be completed in the new 2 month period in order not to lose the unused rental sessions.
Your horse will be treated based upon an agreed schedule or appointment. Please be punctual to avoid cancellation fees.
Seek all medical advice only from your Doctor or Vet.
Please let us know if your horse is under any medication or drug, prior to any treatment.
All clients must sign a release form prior to commencement of Total PEMF sessions.
Application of treatments on people or animals cannot be administered by anyone other than Total PEMF staff or management, unless agreed to in advance. Please do not ask to be the exception.

Why does Total PEMF use a high powered device when low power devices are available?

To be effective, the device must create a PEMF strong enough to completely penetrate the injured area at a therapeutic level. The challenge is that the strength of a PEMF signal dissipates rapidly with
increased distance from a PEMF coil. Many times an injured area can be several inches below the skin. If a product is not properly designed, the PEMF will drop below therapeutic levels before reaching the site of injury, rendering the PEMF device less effective.

Greater intensity (increased gauss levels) generally yields greater benefits. Deep blockages, scarring and trauma of connective tissue, ligaments, etc., may be present in the area being treated. The magnetic field radiates only so far, as the body’s skin, muscles, sinew, fat, bone and muscle tissues hinder the penetration of the magnetic field. When using a high-powered PEMF device, maximum penetration can be achieved as the intensity setting and resulting gauss levels are increased, at a faster rate than lower power devices can deliver.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is little scientific research available, because high powered PEMF devices such as the device Total PEMF uses, are a relatively new category of PEMF device. However, there are thousands of university level case studies for the use of PEMF on hundreds of indications, from arthritis to edema to neuropathy on animals and humans.

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