What to Expect

MJ is happy to advise clients on the fit of their current saddles. She takes a holistic approach to saddle fitting and often works in cooperation with vets, physiotherapists and trainers. Her massage therapy background makes her particularly adept at offering suggestions that address her clients’ individual needs as well as the needs of their horses.

Horse Preparation – The “Do” List:

  1. Horse should be clean, groomed, mud-free and completely dry.
  2. Mane off of neck, by braiding or put in bunches with clips.
  3. Leg protections (bandages, boots, wraps) and blankets should be removed at least 2 hours prior to the scan.
  4. Feet should be picked out, dry and brushed clean–outside and underneath.
  5. Horse should be stabled for an hour before the scan and settled in an enclosed or covered area away from cold drafts or direct sun.

Horse Preparation – The “Don’t” List:

  1. If possible, do not shave or clip areas of your horse in the days prior to your scan, as these areas will retain and emit heat differently than unshaved areas.
  2. Don’t pull the mane or tail within the 24 hours prior to the consultation.
  3. Don’t use any coat conditioners, fly sprays, blisters, liniments, poultices, creams or cold hosing, etc. on the day of the consultation, unless under Veterinary direction.
  4. Do not ice your horse within 4 hours of imaging.
  5. Don’t groom, lean on, or pet your horse within the 20 minutes prior to your horse’s scan time.

Scan Location Preparation Notes:

  1. Imaging is best performed on a clean, dry, level area where your horse can stand squarely in comfort without footing obscuring the hooves.
  2. The area should be out of direct sunlight, breezes and wetness/moisture.

We recommend you allow 1hr 30 mins for a fitting. Please make sure your horse is reasonably clean and dry, able to stand square and still while measurements are being taken and that you have a safe secure area to ride in.

Farm call fees apply, please see rate chart.*

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